Website Layout and Conversion Analysis – House of Hearing

It’s time for another brutally honest website review. The House of Hearing Clinic Inc website represents a local hearing aid clinic in Toronto. It is a good example of some of the common design mistakes most web designers make, which can actually have a significant impact on conversion, as we’ll see.

First of all, the site has an attractive, endless scrolling layout but there are a few issues with it that could be easily improved to make the website have a better conversion rate. Firstly, when the website loads there are several different font faces, weights and sizes available above the fold, and this inconsistency is jarring.

House of Hearing WebsiteThe ‘Call Us’ text across the top of the screen could be improved with the use of better punctuation. Perhaps writing “Call Us (Vaughan Region):” and then the phone number. This would look more professional. Adding the correct tags to make the phone numbers work with ‘click to call’ would likely increase the number of calls generated by the website slightly. As this is a local hearing aid clinic, it is more likely to get phone calls, so this feature should be well optimized.

The logo is attractive, and the image used behind the ‘Your Journey’ headline is a good one that gets the message across clearly. However, the sunset is rather bright, and the white text used for the menu is hard to read. Considering the ‘Hearing Devices’ link is one of the most badly obscured, this is a serious problem.

Easy Scrolling

The theme scrolls well, and the information presented further down the page is clear and concise. Again, there are some issues with the text that could be improved if a proofreader looked at the website. The “Hearing Test” call-out should say “We offer hearing tests for”, and under hearing aids, it should say “We carry all manufacturers and styles,” if that claim is true.

Lyric Authorized

The fact that House of Hearing is a Lyric Authorized provider is a big benefit, and it would make sense for this to be mentioned further up the page, instead of almost halfway down, since a lot of people may not choose to scroll that far.

Late Calls to Action

If you don’t respond to the call to action at the top of the page, you have to scroll a very long way to see another call to action. And the ‘Start Here’ button under the paragraph mentioning hearing test Toronto is rather understated, being in a similar color to the rest of the text that surrounds it. The same is true for the ‘Book Here’ call to action. The buttons do animate when you mouse over them, but the mouse-over is understated as well. It would be a good idea to make the call to action a little more prominent.

Transparent Contact Box

The contact us box is collapsed when you load the page, and remains collapsed throughout unless you click on it, which is a good thing. However, the box has a transparent header, which looks messy when there is something underneath it, and this could put users off exploring the rest of the site. The 2015 copyright notice at the bottom of the site may want to be updated with 2016, and should be in a different font size because the text is unclear on a laptop screen.

The site does look good at a range of different screen sizes, but there are a lot of problems with it. The lack of a click to call and the fact that the email address at the bottom of the page in the footer is not clickable are things that will reduce the conversion rate of the site significantly. It would not take a lot to put those issues right.

The presence of social media links at the bottom of the page is a plus, although moving them to the top of the page on blog posts and other parts of the site would be wise to increase the frequency with which those links are being used.

Overall, this is a good site, but there could be some improvements made.

Keys To Analyzing Website Design For Optimal Conversion of Visitors

You may have a beautiful, and fully operational website for your business, but it may not be converting visitors to the point of actually buying your product or taking action in areas in which you wish. If your visitors are not moving on to your main message or going on through your sales funnel, you need to understand why and make the necessary changes to pull them in.

If you had a brick and mortar store where people came into your store physically, you would know why they were not buying, or where they were having problems with your offers, because they would tell you of their objections.

Website ConversionThe same principle applies with your website offers in that you need to know where they are bailing out and why. There are several tools to help you in this endeavor, and you need to study this and take advantage so you can correct a failing sales funnel and convert it into a dynamic success, as it was intended.

First of all, you need to know how people are viewing your page. They may be interested in sections where you had no intention of leading them, but they find that part more intriguing for some reason. Crazy Egg is a heat map tracking plugin, which will show you where people are clicking or where on your page your visitors are going to the most.

You may have a product photograph that people mistakenly click on, thinking it is clickable. You might want to make the photo live and link it to a more informative capture page. You may have several links on the page that go to the same capture page. Crazy Egg will show you which links are working the best.

Crazy Egg will show you a “heat map” of sorts, which will identify which parts of your page is getting the most attention. That being so, you might want to eliminate the parts that are receiving little attention.

If you would like to get inside of your visitor’s head and learn just what they think when they come to your page, it would answer a lot of questions. That is exactly what a program called ClickTale does. You can view each visitors browsing path in a video, although it might sound a bit strange, you can follow the visitor’s cursor and learn what their keystrokes and cursor path was. You will also see where the visitor clicks off and fails to take you up on your offer.

The very fact that you are getting traffic to your page says a lot for your efforts in that area, but just because you are driving traffic to your site does not necessarily close the sale. It is how visitors react to your page once they arrive, and how they react to your forms in particular.

ClickTale will show you how people struggle with your site and your forms in particular. When they are filling out a form, and in mid form they can bail, and you will see where that occurs, and you can make adjustments.

Many people are lost on the capture page routine where they leave their first name and email. They know that if they complete the form, they are going to get an email with a sales pitch, so they leave. Perhaps a softer explanation of what they are going to receive, stated in a softer narrative will help them to get to the next level.

In essence, you need to know what your visitors want. They want something you are offering, or they would not be on your page in the first place. Find out more specifically what they want and offer it to them in the right way and you will have conversions that go off the chart!